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Massachusetts Business Listings

Entrance sign on interstate I-90 (Massachusetts turnpike)

 – The map and business data represents the most recently filed Massachusetts incorporation data filings

 – Use this information  to generate a sales lead database or to identify where new competitive businesses may be located 

Enter any Massachusetts city, town, address or zip-code to display business listings in that area on the  map
Adjust the range distance miles from that location  to display all new incorporation listings filed recently in that criteria and range
Location selection by company name, county, area code, geographical area or SIC Code description will be available soon on the website
Use the data reference page to look-up up all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. A listing of the SIC codes and descriptions is also available.
Contact us to obtain this current monthly data or the year to date cumulative listings
Request customized reports, mailing labels or data files (Excel, text, CSV, ACT)

Current  Business Incorporation Map Location Listings are for October 2012  (December Listings  to be posted by Jan 20) – ** October and November Data files avaialble FREE on request **