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map_infoNow you can easily create a location map based on your search and query of the most recent monthly Massachusetts incorporation filings. Search for incorporation listings by SIC description, city /town, address or  by zip-code. Use this feature to quickly locate new businesses in your area or to identify potential sales leads for your own products and services.

Articles and Links

laptopFind informative links and articles useful to Massachusetts business owners of important news,  useful website links and tips on new business software and technology. Also included is  information on legislation that could directly impact Massachusetts business owners. Directions on how to form a Massachusetts LLC or to become  SOMWBA certified.

Customized Data Files

shopping_basket_infoThe current  monthly and YTD incorporation data are available in any file format on request. Customized data files, based on your specifications, file format or reporting requirements (Excel, CSV, ACT, text). A great resource for business data mining and lead generation. Please use the Contact Us page to send  your inquiry or data request. Dec 2012  listings are now available.